Looking Up: The Big Benefits Of Birding At Your St. Petersburg Assisted Living Facility

Thanks to its renowned biodiversity, the Sunshine State is a great place to go birdwatching (aka birding). And our corner of Florida, located on the shimmering Gulf Coast, is particularly filled with birding opportunities thanks to our unique ecosystem — a confluence of beautiful bays and mangrove-lined shores that provide an attractive home for birds of all types.

Of course, that’s great news for birders who live at Westminster Suncoast, where St. Petersburg independent and assisted living facility provides endless opportunities for scanning the skies. Whether you’re taking a stroll through our 30 manicured acres, or hanging out at our outdoor heated swimming pool, there’s always a fluttering friend to see in the vicinity. Just read on as we share some of the biggest benefits of birding at Westminster Suncoast!

A Chance To Enjoy The Great Outdoors

Any reason to spend more time in Florida’s bright, balmy sunshine is a good one in our book! As long as you make sure to cover up (and slather on the SPF) accordingly, birding can be a great, organic way to encourage outdoor time and exercise. After all, you can certainly see many birds from your patio — but you’ll spot even more feathered friends by strolling Westminster Suncoast and keeping your eyes on the skies.

In this way, birding can help you with the popular trend known as “habit stacking,” or combining healthful practices (such as walking) in the same timeframe.

Social Skies

Birding is easy to enjoy on your own, but you’ll probably find that it actually has the effect of connecting you with friends and neighbors! That’s because birding brings you out of the house and into the community, where you might stumble upon fellow birders — or people who become birders after being inspired by you! Either way, this is certainly an activity that lends itself to social connection. You can even start or join a hobby group of friends to help each other identify hard-to-find birds, or organize fun outings to spot them in the wild.

Boost Your Mental Health

As is the case with so many outdoor activities, birding comes with the added benefit of being a boon for your mental health! According to a recent report from the New York Times, listening to birdsong can be good for your mental wellbeing. Plus, birding brings you closer to nature, and studies have shown that access to blue and green spaces (like our beautiful bay or tree-lined shores) can have similarly positive effects on your mind and body. So, bird away!

An Accessible Hobby

Everyone who has a hobby knows that supplies — whether they be running gear, or arts and crafts materials — can add up! However, birding is refreshingly easy on the wallet and your hobby closet. That is to say, anyone can observe birds with their naked eye — but of course, you can pick up a pair of special binoculars to spot them more easily out in the wild.

Looking for new a new activity to fall in love with? Birding might just be your best bet for a fun hobby that encompasses mental health, social togetherness, and, of course, a love of the great outdoors. We hope you enjoy it from the comfort of your great “backyard” that is Westminster Suncoast!

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