8 Hobbies to Pick Up in Retirement

Entering retirement opens up free time to pick up new hobbies that enrich your days. The possibilities are endless when it comes to finding fun new pastimes suited to your interests and abilities. Here at Westminster Suncoast, we encourage residents to explore their passions. Learning new skills and sharing activities with others fosters a vibrant lifestyle.

Consider picking up these engaging hobbies to fill your calendar with joy in your retirement years:

1. Gardening

From planting flowers to pruning trees, gardening provides light activity and contact with nature. Utilizing raised garden beds can be perfect for growing vegetables, herbs and ornamentals without bending down. Joining in gardening groups at any experience level is a great opportunity to share tips and enjoy the outdoors together. Adaptive tools can make gardening possible even if you have mobility limitations. It can be wonderful to see the outdoor beauty you’ve nurtured flourish while getting your hands in the soil.

2. Arts & Crafts

Tap into your creative side by taking up arts and crafts. Options include painting, pottery, sewing, knitting, stamping, jewelry making and more. Arts and crafts provide cognitive stimulation along with producing decorative and practical items. You might even aim to showcase your creations at a community craft fair!

3. Music

Music has therapeutic effects that make it an ideal hobby. Listen to your favorite genres, learn a new instrument like piano or violin, join a choir or community band, or attend concerts for enjoyment. Singing improves mood and breathing while playing an instrument challenges your brain and coordination. You might consider sharing your musical gifts with others during open mic nights. 

4. Reading

Reading exercises your mind while transporting you to new worlds. Visit your local library, which is stocked with books including large print editions. Joining a book club can be an exciting way to discuss interesting reads with neighbors. Kindle and audiobooks make reading accessible whether at home or on excursions to the beach, park, or library. Writing your own poems, short stories or memoir lets you express yourself creatively.

5. Cooking

Cooking allows you to get creative in the kitchen and sample nourishing dishes you prepare. Whip up favorite recipes from your heritage or experiment with new cuisines from around the globe. Enjoy the fruits of your labor with friends and family – as you know, cooking is one way to demonstrate love through food.

6. Photography

Capture life’s beauty around you through the lens of a camera. Digital photography makes the hobby easy and instant. Learn new techniques like lighting, composition through classes, in-person or online. Go on photo-taking excursions to gardens, beaches and parks. Use your images to craft unique cards, calendars or photo books. Photography promotes mindfulness, visual expression and preserving memories.

7. Woodworking

Express your craftsmanship through woodworking projects. Woodworking can be an exciting way to build furniture, whittle sculptures, construct birdhouses or refinish antique pieces. Locating a skilled instructors can help you learn proper use of tools for all levels. Join a small group class and collaborate on larger pieces like benches. Take pride in handcrafted wood pieces.

8. Sports

Maintaining physical fitness through sports contributes to healthy aging. Enjoy low-impact activities like golf, tennis, bocce ball or pickleball on our courts and putting greens. Go for a swim, join a walking club or take exercise classes. Enter local senior games and competitions. Cheer on favorite professional teams. Being part of a team or fan club provides camaraderie. Adapting equipment and rules allows you to keep playing the sports you love.

The opportunities to learn new skills are endless. Our community offers the facilities, equipment and supportive environment ideal for pursuing hobbies that fulfill you. Sample new activities to add excitement to your days. Staying engaged and passionate about the things you enjoy most results in a retirement lived to the fullest.

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