The Ultimate Packing Checklist for Your Move to Assisted Living

Moving to an assisted living facility in St. Petersburg, FL, is an exciting time. You are starting a new chapter and will be in a comfortable environment that caters to your needs. 

Still, moving involves change, which can be hard for people at any age. The transition to assisted living may take a little adjustment, and if you don’t plan properly, you may find yourself in an unnecessarily stressful situation. Take the guesswork out of the move by adhering to this ultimate packing checklist.


You want to make your new space in assisted living feel like home. A good way to do this is by surrounding yourself with photos of family and friends. Familiar photos will quickly make your new space feel more like home.

Decorations and Art

In all likelihood, your new assisted living accommodations are not pre-outfitted with any art or decor, so make sure to bring your own. Decorations are another easy way to personalize your space and settle in.

Legal and Financial Paperwork

You must always have easy access to important legal and financial paperwork. You never know what could happen, and you don’t want to find yourself in a situation where you don’t have access to the documents you need.

Clothes for All Seasons

Florida residents enjoy warm weather for most of the year, but you need to be prepared even in Saint Petersburg assisted living facilities. Make sure to bring warm clothes, clothes for hot weather, and clothes for the rainy season.

You never know when there will be a last-minute outdoor activity, or a fun opportunity to travel offsite with other residents, so you’ll want to make sure you always have clothing options for various weather situations.


Assisted living facilities can keep you busy with lifelong learning, music, theater, active wellness opportunities, and more. However, there will always be times when you find yourself alone in your living quarters. Whether you like to sketch or do puzzles, make sure to pack activities that you enjoy to fill your days during your retirement.

Moving to an Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg, FL, offers some of the most impressive assisted living facilities around. They offer great accommodations and amenities and give residents a real sense of community

Whether you are looking to remain very active or settle into a slower pace of life, you can find it in assisted living. With the help of a packing checklist and a little planning, your move to your new residence can be stress free.

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