Switching Assisted Living Facilities? How to Ease the Transition

While some seniors move into assisted living in Saint Petersburg, FL, and never move, that’s not always the case. There are a variety of reasons seniors may be switching facilities. Maybe the facility is closing down, perhaps there was a negative change in staff, or maybe the community just didn’t have the right services and amenities.

Whatever the reason, switching assisted living facilities can be a big change. Here are a few tips to ease the transition.

1. Plan Ahead

Change can be difficult and even scary at times, but it can be made much worse without a proper plan in place. A plan to move to a new assisted living facility in St. Petersburg, FL, can include considerations like making a timeline for packing belongings, deciding who is going to help with the move, and assigning the people who will be involved with settling in at the new community.

Planning ahead takes a lot of guesswork out of the move and gives everyone involved more time to get used to the idea of the transition. Without a plan, seniors and family members may have to make last-minute arrangements, which can make for a stressful time.

2. Get Help from Family

Having family assist with the transition to a new community can be invaluable in making the process feel easier and more familiar. Family members can also help with the logistics, such as packing and transportation. 

Taking on a transition without the help of family can add to feelings of uncertainty and make moving more difficult.

3. Communicate with the New Community

A critical component of transitioning to a new space is communication with the staff of the new community. The staff will need to be involved in coordinating the physical move, but their participation can make the transition easier in other ways, too. 

Start having conversations with the staff early on in the process so that they have time to prepare for their new resident. Staff can also accommodate any special needs or requests, which can often foster a more relaxing and stress-free process.

Moving to a New Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg, FL

Even though change can be hard to embrace, moving to a new community can be a positive transition. Finding the right fit in assisted living is important. When a senior finds a place where they feel like they have real community, it can make all the difference in their ability to enjoy their retirement.

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