Aging and Memory Loss: When Should You Seek Help?

Everyone forgets things sometimes, especially as we age. Minor memory loss is not necessarily something you need to take action on immediately, so how do you know when you should seek help?

If your memory loss is interfering with your everyday life and making it more difficult to do the things you want to do, you should seek help right away. However, memory loss won’t always be so severe and obvious. It is often more subtle.

Here are some signs you can look for that indicate it is time to seek help for memory loss.

You Forget Common Words

It is normal for people to forget words now and then, but forgetting common words is a different story. Forgetting words that we use in our everyday communication is a sign of a deeper problem that may indicate a more serious memory issue.

If you notice that you increasingly forget common words like “number,” “water,” or “people,” it may be time to seek help.

You Take Longer to Complete Daily Tasks

Since we’ve been doing daily tasks for so long, such as laundry, dishes, and cooking, it can be difficult to comprehend forgetting how to do them.  

Before memory issues decline your ability to perform daily tasks, they will make you take longer to complete these tasks. While taking a little extra time to do your daily chores may not sound like a big deal, it is a sign of a larger memory issue. 

In addition, taking longer to do daily chores detracts from other activities that are good for your health, like exercising and social interaction. Help with everyday tasks is one of the major benefits of assisted living in St. Petersburg, Florida.

You Get Lost

We’ve all incidentally gotten lost when walking or driving in an unfamiliar area. However, it shouldn’t happen often. If you find yourself getting lost frequently, you probably get lost on routes that you should know, which can be a sign of more persistent memory loss.

Getting lost frequently can be very dangerous, especially if you are still driving. You may find yourself miles and miles from home in an unfamiliar area which poses a huge safety risk. 

Preventing residents from getting lost is one of the significant benefits of facilities that offer memory care in St. Petersburg, FL. Memory care facilities are set up to help residents find their way and provide 24/7 skilled nursing services for residents who need them. 

You Ask the Same Questions

There’s no doubt that sometimes it takes more than one try to absorb a message. That’s true at any stage in life. However, when you ask someone a question, and they answer, you should generally retain the information. 

If you find yourself repeatedly asking the same questions, that is a sign of a memory issue, and it may be time to seek help.

Assisted Living in St. Petersburg, Florida

Knowing when to seek help for memory loss can be difficult, but a transition to an assisted living community can be a positive one. From new friendships to great dining and amenities, assisted living in St. Petersburg is a great solution. 

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