Florida Fine Arts: Can’t Miss Attractions in St. Petersburg

Assisted living in St. Petersburg, FL is a dream for anyone interested in the arts. There are all kinds of affordable galleries, museums, theaters, and more for you to enjoy. To help you get an idea of some of the best art destinations in the city, check out this list of attractions you won’t want to miss!  

Duncan McClellan Gallery

2342 Emerson Avenue South, St. Petersburg

If you have any interest in glass art, then the Duncan McClellan Gallery should be on the top of your personal “can’t miss” list. It’s a 7,800 square-foot former packing plant located in St. Petersburg’s Warehouse Art District. It offers rotating exhibitions of some of the world’s most creative, thought-provoking, and carefully crafted glass artwork from some of the leading artists in the medium.

The Dali Museum

1 Dali Boulevard, St. Petersburg

The Dali Museum allows you to experience the life and work of one of the most influential artists in history: Salvador Dali. You won’t find a more impressive or all-encompassing collection of his paintings, sculptures, and other surreal artistic projects anywhere else in the world. 

The building, designed by architect Yann Weymouth, is a work of art in and of itself. It houses three floors of Dali art, exhibitions, educational resources, and merchandise.   

Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg

255 Beach Drive NE, St. Petersburg

While the Dali Museum offers an in-depth look at the life and work of one incredible artist, the Museum of Fine Arts St. Petersburg also offers thousands of years worth of art from across the globe. They both have their merits, of course, but if you’re interested in taking in the grand scope of humanity’s artistic endeavors, this is the place for you. 

There’s plenty to enjoy from the permanent collection alone, but the traveling exhibitions are what make repeat visits a necessity for any art lover new to independent living in St. Petersburg.

The Mahaffey Theater

Duke Energy Center for the Arts — 400 First Street South, St. Petersburg

Whether you’re interested in comedy, cover bands, concertos, or classic rock, you can have a terrific night out at the Mahaffey Theater. The theater has a long history of putting on some of the best shows in town. They run the gamut from pop artists to symphonies to magicians and much more. 

Take a look at their upcoming schedule for a taste of their eclectic options.

St. Petersburg City Theatre

4025 31st Street South, St. Petersburg

For those who are new to assisted living who are fans of community theater, the number one spot on your list of outings is going to be the St. Petersburg City Theatre. They’ve been putting on shows for nearly 100 years, making them the longest-running theater company in the whole city. 

Spend the night out and take in a play or a musical in this intimate setting. Be a part of St. Petersburg’s theatrical history!

The Arts and Assisted Living in St. Petersburg, FL

We hope you found this guide useful in planning out your next afternoon or evening in St. Petersburg. It’s really only the tip of the iceberg in terms of art appreciation in this beautiful city. Start at one of these places and then continue exploring from there!

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