How To Stay Cool While Exploring Your St. Petersburg Assisted Living Community

Spring is finally here, and summer won’t be far behind! Truth be told, this is one of the most beautiful times of year to explore your St. Petersburg assisted living community — especially for those who enjoy balmy weather and tropical swirls of sunset that come alive over the Gulf Coast. With all of that being said, of course, climbing temperatures can also pose certain health risks that you’d rather avoid in order to enjoy a safe, comfortable day.

Fortunately, there’s no shortage of ways to stay cool even when the weather is anything but. Just read on as we share a few great tips for a refreshing outing in and around Westminster Suncoast!

Plan Your Perfect Day

A little planning goes a long way when it comes to crafting a fun-filled outing! This is especially true when it comes to navigating warmer weather — not just because you might want to bring along helpful cooling tools (more on those later), but because you might want to frame your day by the temperatures outside. That is to say, consider saving outdoor activities like walking, gardening, or a meal with friends for earlier or later in the day. This leaves the hottest, sunniest portion of the day for relaxing at home or checking out air-conditioned amenities.

Dress Accordingly

When we think about dressing for the weather outside, we often make simple decisions like sleeves or sleeveless, pants or shorts, sneakers or sandals. But as it turns out, the decision of what to wear on a warm day is actually a little bit more involved than that! You’ll also want to take into consideration factors such as the knit and weave of your clothing (lightweight or heavy, for example) which can affect how breezy a garment feels to wear. Air flow can help you feel cooler on warm days!

Tote Around A Personal Mister Fan

Now, for some fun accessories! It certainly doesn’t hurt to bring a lightweight battery-powered fan — preferably with a mist function, so you can get a cool spray of H2O when you need it most. Ideally, of course, when the temperature gets too high, you’ll be able to step inside to cooler surroundings — but a mister fan can be handy backup.

Go For A Swim

Westminster Suncoast’s swimming pool is a great option for those warm spring days, when you crave the refreshing sensation of moving through the H2O.

Enjoy The Shade

Westminster Suncoast’s beautifully manicured walkways are designed with cool, comfortable shade in mind. You may also find it helpful to pull up under one of our poolside umbrellas for instant comfort when you need relief from the sun’s strongest rays!

Stay Hydrated

It’s important to keep up with your water intake at any time of year, of course. But warm weather prompts more perspiration which, in turn, requires you to drink up and replenish those fluids! You might find it helpful to keep a running tally of the water you drink throughout the day, since it’s easy to lose track when you’re having fun. Adding fresh-cut fruits can make an icy pitcher of water even more refreshing. Plus, fruit itself has H2O, so it’s worth snacking on during spring and summer (and, well, all year long).

Check Out Indoor Activities, Too

Fortunately, there are plenty of air-conditioned activities for those times when it’s simply too hot to safely (and comfortably) enjoy the great outdoors. Here at Westminster Suncoast, these include everything from our library and computer center, to our fitness center, to our variety of restaurant-inspired dining destinations that emulate the feel of your favorite dinner spot or snack-y bistro.

We hope that today’s tips and tricks help you enjoy your Westminster Suncoast spring and summer days to the fullest! After all, keeping cool during high temperatures is an important part of overall health and wellness — which is what we’re all about! Just ask about our My W Life wellness program to learn more about meaningful ways to stay happy and healthy when you call our community “home.”

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