Celebrate Your Loved One’s Birthday in Assisted Living with These 4 Party Ideas

Do you have a loved one in an assisted living facility in St. Petersburg? Now is the time to start planning their next birthday party! 

Birthdays in assisted living don’t have to be dreary. In fact, you can use the services and amenities in the community to your advantage. Try one of these party ideas for your loved one’s next birthday at one of the skilled nursing facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida. 

1.      Trivia Night

Many seniors love a good game of trivia. When you’re planning their next birthday, consider all of the random knowledge they keep in their back pocket. What better way to celebrate them than with a fun night of trivia, food, and friends?

You can invite your loved one’s friends within the community to attend your trivia night. The more people, the better when it comes to game nights. Try to make the questions relevant to your loved one’s favorite movies, music, television shows, and pop culture figures.

Include light refreshments for your party guests (and your loved one’s favorite sweet treat, of course) to make trivia night fun for everyone!

2.   Old Hollywood Movie Night

Is the senior in your life a Hollywood movie enthusiast? Spice up their viewing experience by throwing an Old Hollywood Movie Night party. This is the perfect way to engage with their interests and help them spend quality time with friends and family. 

You can get a cheap projector to make movie night feel more professional. Most projectors can be used on a blank wall or a physical screen of some kind. 

Ask your loved one what their favorite old Hollywood films are and prepare them for the projector in advance. Then gather your loved one’s friends together and serve plenty of popcorn to set the movie night mood!

3.   Travel-Themed Birthday Party

If your loved one has traveled the world and spoken about their adventures often, they would love a travel-themed party. Ask them about their favorite travel destinations and plan the party around them. 

For example, if your loved one enjoyed their trip to Greece, center the party around Greek themes. Order Greek cuisine and decorate with ancient Greek symbols and other art. This will take them back to the joys of traveling and seeing the world. 

You can take it a step further and tape pictures from their trip on the walls. There is nothing more sentimental than seeing their favorite vacation come to life. Your well-traveled loved one is sure to remember this birthday party for life!

4.   Group Crafting Session

Many seniors enjoy crafting, knitting, and doing other creative hobbies. This gives you the perfect scene for a birthday party: a group session!

Ask your loved one’s friends and other family members to join in for an afternoon of fun instruction. Most assisted living facilities have group classes for different creative hobbies. You can bring refreshments and sweet treats to celebrate your loved one. 

This shows the aging adult in your life that you care about their interests. It also gives them a chance to learn more about their hobby and improve their skills. Everyone will walk away from the party with new knowledge and an interesting hobby to enjoy!

Make Birthdays Meaningful at Your Assisted Living Facility in St. Petersburg

Your loved one’s birthday is a very special day. It represents the day that they came into the world and started sharing their love with those around them. Birthdays never have to be forgotten when your loved one is in assisted living. You can make their day extra special by following this guide to the perfect senior birthday party!

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