4 Books that Are Perfect to Read This Fall

The leaves change color and begin to drop; the air takes on a crispness, and the days shorten — fall has arrived. The mood of the autumn season is slower than that of spring and summer, and the activities you enjoy will reflect this. 

Easygoing strolls by a pond, a game of cards on the porch, and of course, a stack of good books to enjoy in a comfy chair are just some of fall’s simple luxuries.

Books are one of the best ways to keep your mind sharp. Narratives will reinforce connections in your brain and help you stay mentally active. As you make your reading list to enjoy your fall in assisted living in Saint Petersburg, here are four books you should consider. 

1. “The Thursday Murder Club” by Richard Osman

A thrilling piece of crime fiction, “The Thursday Murder Club” takes place in rural England. A group of inhabitants from a retirement village in the fictional Fairhaven, near the nonfictional Kent, meet together to solve a mysterious murder. Will the group catch the killer before he strikes again?

“The Thursday Murder Club” is Richard Osman’s first book, which he wrote after being inspired by his visit to a retirement village. Two sequels are also available — “The Man Who Died Twice” and “The Bullet That Missed” — should you be a fast reader and need more action to dive into!

2. “The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones” by Wendelin Van Draanen

This one will take you back to your youth. “The Secret Life of Lincoln Jones” focuses on the eponymous Lincoln, a sixth-grade student with a massive imagination. Never seen without his notebook, he’s crafting a story full of wheelchair zombies, ghosts, psychic vampires, and plenty of crazy characters. 

However, a fellow sixth-grader named Kandi has become obsessed with finding out what’s in Lincoln’s notebook, and she won’t rest until she does.

The book is full of humor but conveys an excellent lesson about breaking out of one’s shell and letting others see the person inside. If you remember the Hardy Boys fondly, you’ll enjoy the world Van Draanen creates.

3. “A Man Called Ove” by Fredrik Backman

At first glance, the curmudgeonly Ove appears to be a stereotypically grumpy old man. His neighbors don’t enjoy interacting with him, and he exudes bitterness, strictness, and a short temper. 

When new neighbors move into the house next door, they accidentally destroy Ove’s mailbox. While not usually a promising start to a friendship, their interactions with Ove slowly melt away his gruff exterior and expose the sadness that turned him into the curmudgeon he’s become.

Swedish author Fredrik Backman took inspiration from his own life. In line to buy tickets to an art museum, Backman witnessed an actual man named Ove have a fit in the line,  which spurred Backman to recreate the man as a character who has difficulty relating to people.

4. “Notes from the Midnight Driver” by Jordan Sonnenblick

Alex is a teenager frustrated by his parents’ divorce — along with all of the typical problems that come with being 16 years old. After he runs afoul of the law, Alex performs community service at the local senior center. Specifically, he is the new helper for Solomon Lewis, an elderly Jewish man known for being difficult and spouting colorful Yiddish. 

Over time, Solomon’s advice to Alex wears down the rough edges of their relationship, and they must both come to terms with the decisions they’ve made.

Jordan Sonnenblick’s first book was “Drums, Girls, and Dangerous Pie,” and several characters cameo in this book, his second. Music lovers will enjoy this novel, as it focuses much on Alex and Sol’s mutual love of guitar.

The Perfect Fall Reading for Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg

If you’re retired and enjoying a leisurely lifestyle in Saint Petersburg assisted living facilities, it’s time to kick back in your chair, sip some cocoa, and enjoy some books. But even if you don’t get to them all, that’s okay — just put them on next year’s reading list!

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