Stay Connected: The Importance of Phone Conversations for Seniors in Assisted Living

When an older loved one enters an assisted living facility, maintaining certain aspects of daily life can support their well-being. One that may be overlooked is regular conversation. While seniors in assisted living in Saint Petersburg, FL, will be able to interact with staff members and fellow residents, remaining connected to friends and family outside is still essential.

One way for older adults in assisted living to maintain connections with the people they care about is through phone conversations. Having weekly or daily phone calls from a friend or family member can have a significant impact on an elderly individual. Read on to learn three major reasons that phone conversations are important in assisted living facilities.

3 Ways Phone Conversations Help Residents in Saint Petersburg Assisted Living Facilities

Regular phone conversations present several benefits for older individuals. This is especially true for those living in Saint Petersburg assisted living facilities. Below are just three of the main ways that phone conversations help seniors in assisted living.

1. Remaining Connected to Friends and Family

The biggest benefit of phone conversations for seniors in assisted living is that they keep residents connected to their friends and family. Many seniors have friends or family members who live far away and cannot visit their living facility. Phone calls with these individuals help them to stay connected and remain a part of their loved ones’ lives. 

A weekly phone call from a friend or family member can indicate to an older individual that they are still an active part of that person’s life. Keeping them informed on recent family events or making small talk maintains their connection to the people they care about but don’t often see in person.

2. Keeping Memory and Cognitive Skills Sharp

Many older adults begin to struggle with cognitive decline as they age. Studies have shown that conversation can help keep memory and overall cognitive skills sharp. When living in an assisted living facility, residents often engage with staff members and one another. When this is not possible, phone conversations are of great help.

Having regular phone conversations with loved ones is a great activity for keeping seniors engaged. These phone calls help keep memory and recall skills strong in older adults who may experience brain fog or other cognitive concerns. 

3. Boosting Mood and Enthusiasm

Some older adults in assisted living can struggle with depression and feelings of sadness. Regular phone conversations can provide a boost of enthusiasm and an improvement in overall mood. Conversing with loved ones often lifts their spirits and helps them feel more connected to the people they care about.

Daily or weekly phone calls also give seniors in assisted living something to look forward to. While seniors in assisted living in Saint Petersburg, FL, will often participate in designated activities, many still benefit from scheduled phone calls with friends and family. These regular conversations can help elevate anticipation and energy throughout the week.

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