Staying Connected Virtually with Loved Ones

Staying connected with family and friends is important at any stage of life, but especially in your parent’s or loved one’s later years. Loneliness and cognitive decline can become real problems as we age, and staying close to those we love can help immensely.

Today, keeping in touch with those we love no longer has to be in person. We can now chat virtually with loved ones from anywhere. 

The Best Ways to Stay Connected Virtually

We all have busy lives, so it can be hard to make time in the day to connect virtually. Sometimes it requires a little creativity to make sure we keep our connections strong.

Make a Schedule

Scheduling a daily or weekly check-in time is a great way to stay connected virtually with loved ones. It ensures that everyone’s calendar is lined up, and everyone can look forward to a mutual connection time. 

Make It Interactive

There are lots of ways to connect virtually. We are no longer limited to sitting at our computers. A great way to make connections more meaningful when we are communicating virtually is to make it interactive. This can mean cooking together, giving a tour of a newly decorated room, or even playing games together across screens.

Virtual Reading and Book Clubs

One of the best ways to connect with loved ones is through reading. Reading to one another gives a deep sense of connection that talking alone doesn’t. Reading virtually to loved ones or joining a book club to discuss various topics is a great way to stay connected virtually. 

Virtual Photo Sharing

Photo sharing is a favorite pastime in many families. Looking through new and old photos is an excellent way to share stories and make new memories. You can virtually share pictures with your loved ones, like the way you share in person. Sharing photos is a beautiful way to stay close to loved ones while being physically distant.

The Best Apps and Services to Stay Connected Virtually

Today, there are lots of free options available that can help you stay connected virtually. These range from simple video services to interactive sharing and tracking services. There are even services that help elderly residents stay close to caregivers at all times.


Zoom is an easy-to-use, free video calling service that you can use to video chat with friends and family. The service is available on computers and mobile phones. Some Saint Petersburg assisted living facilities even have computers dedicated to video chatting like Zoom.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is another free video-calling service that anyone with a Facebook account has access to. It is a great way to connect with loved ones without sharing links, passwords, or phone numbers. You can simply connect through the Facebook app or website. 

St. Petersburg Assisted Living

St. Petersburg assisted living facilities are some of the best in the country. If you are looking to retire or move on to the next stage of life, St. Petersburg is a great place to start your search. From the weather to the amenities, both assisted living and independent living in St. Petersburg has something to offer everyone. 

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