3 Favorite Places Near St. Petersburg

Residents of assisted living in Saint Petersburg, Florida take advantage of the islands with beaches and marinas lying off the peninsula’s coast. The city offers various activities for them and their families. Here are three 3 of our favorite places near Westminster Suncoast in Saint Petersburg.

Arboretum of Gizella Kopsick 

The nursery offers a unique educational experience for residents of assisted living facilities in St. Petersburg, Florida. It provides a serene location to relax and enjoy nature, with 500 palms and cycads representing 150 species worldwide.

It was initially the municipality’s mini-golf course that used to be located in a two-acre park. Mrs. Elva Rouse, a concerned homeowner and park volunteer, requested that the land be used as a nursery. City Council approved the request, and the nursery was established thanks to a substantial donation from Miss Gizella Kopsick, who loved watching palms.

The park was initially planted with 60 palm trees representing ten different types. In a lovely circle looping among the palms, drinking fountains, a gazebo, conversation nooks with wooden benches, and red brick pavers were erected. All amenities were created with disabled people in mind, including Miss Kopsick, who used a wheelchair.

The Salvador Dali Museum

With more than 2,000 works of art, the Salvador Dali Museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of paintings by this Surrealist artist, which is excellent for residents at an assisted living facility in St. Petersburg. 

From his early work in Impressionism and Cubism to subsequent explorations in more “Classical” styles, the displays include all of Dali’s artistic career.

The shows include prints, pictures, sketches, statues, original illustrations, watercolors, and oil portraits. The Museum, which preserves books, periodicals, items from newspapers, and more key papers linked to the prestige of avant-garde, surrealism, and Dali, is also located here.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

This charming park is a wonderful place to visit if you want to get away from it all. Six miles of walking trails and boardwalks explore the park’s diverse habitats, which include swamp forests and a willow marsh.

The park is ideal for residents of independent living in St. Petersburg, Florida, and it is also home to the Birds of Prey Aviary and the Great Florida Birding Trail. Rangers offer guided excursions where turtles and other species are frequently spotted. The park also contains a playground, picnic spaces, shelters, and nature camping and picnic facilities.

Taking one of the tram trips while learning about the area’s flora and animals from an expert is a fantastic way to see the park. A gift shop is also on-site, and the park conducts yearly wildlife activities such as the North American Butterfly Association’s butterfly count.

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