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10 Tips to Improve Your Memory at Westminster Shores in Saint Petersburg

August 31, 2021

There are established ways for maintaining a better, sharper memory at assisted living in Saint Petersburg Florida. Regardless of age, your brain can adapt and alter frequently. Here are 10 tips to improve your memory at Westminster Shores in Saint Petersburg.

Exercise at assisted living in St Petersburg Fl

A year-long study found that people who exercised grew and expanded their brain's memory region by one to two percent per year.

Assisted Living Saint Petersburg Nutrition and Diet

The meals you consume and don't eat have a big impact on your memory. A diet high in good fats and low in sugar is optimal for the brain.

Adequate Sleep at Assisted Living Facilities in St Petersburg Florida

According to scientists, your body optimizes and consolidates newly acquired knowledge while you sleep and store it as memory. Even a link between sleep deprivation and Alzheimer's disease has been discovered.

Dozing at Assisted Living Facilities in Saint Petersburg Fl

A study found that persons sixty-five and older who dozed for an hour in the afternoon performed better on cognitive tests.

Stimulating Games at Independent Living St Petersburg Florida

Neurons are triggered by events and information and seniors can benefit from stimulating brain games that improve their cognitive health and memory.

Memory Care St Petersburg Fl Board and Card Games

These games require counting, calculating, thinking, and using your memory muscles, whether it's a simple game of Uno or Go Fish or a hard game of Chess.

Reading at CCRC St Petersburg Fl

One of the simplest methods to engage your brain is to read. It can be entertaining, educational and demands you to connect the dots.

Learn a New Skill at Independent Living Facilities in St Petersburg Fl

Whether by taking art or music lessons, memory improvement and a healthy, engaged brain require cognitive engagement.

Dancing at Skilled Nursing Facilities St Petersburg Fl

Dance has a tremendous impact on cognitive health. It's entertaining, healthy, and social, and it may test your hand-eye coordination as well as your memory by requiring you to recall the steps and moves.

Relaxation at Assisted Living Saint Petersburg

This is an important aspect of stress management. Learning to de-stress and meditate are two clinically established methods for improving memory. You think more clearly, retain information better, and recall more when you're calm.

Final Thoughts: Follow the measures mentioned above to keep your brain active, which will result in much-improved memory.


3 Favorite Places Near Independent Living Facilities in St Petersburg Fl

August 31, 2021

Residents of assisted living in Saint Petersburg Fl take advantage of the islands with beaches and marinas lying off the peninsula's coast. The city offers various activities for them and their families. Here are three 3 of our favorite places near Westminster Suncoast in Saint Petersburg.

Arboretum of Gizella Kopsick is Great for Assisted Living Saint Petersburg Florida

The nursery offers a unique educational experience for residents of assisted living facilities in St Petersburg Florida. It provides a serene location to relax and enjoy nature, with 500 palms and cycads representing 150 species worldwide.

It was initially the municipality's mini-golf course that used to be located in a two-acre park. Mrs. Elva Rouse, a concerned homeowner and park volunteer, requested that the land be used as a nursery. City Council approved the request, and the nursery was established thanks to a substantial donation from Miss Gizella Kopsick, who loved watching palms.

The park was initially planted with 60 palm trees representing ten different types. In a lovely circle looping among the palms, drinking fountains, a gazebo, conversation nooks with wooden benches, and red brick pavers were erected. All amenities were created with disabled people in mind, as well as assisted living Saint Petersburg-based, including Miss Kopsick, who used a wheelchair.

The Salvador Dali Museum

With more than 2,000 works of art, the Salvador Dali Museum exhibits a comprehensive collection of paintings by this Surrealist artist, which is excellent for residents at an assisted living facility St Petersburg-located. 

From his early work in Impressionism and Cubism to subsequent explorations in more "Classical" styles, the displays include all of Dali's artistic career.

The shows include prints, pictures, sketches, statues, original illustrations, watercolors, and oil portraits. The Museum, which preserves books, periodicals, items from newspapers, and more key papers linked to the prestige of avant-garde, surrealism, and Dali, is also located here.

Boyd Hill Nature Preserve

This charming park is a wonderful place to visit if you want to get away from it all. Six miles of walking trails and boardwalks explore the park's diverse habitats, which include swamp forests and a willow marsh.

The park ideal for Independent living St Petersburg Fl, residents is also home to the Birds of Prey Aviary and the Great Florida Birding Trail. Rangers offer guided excursions where turtles and other species are frequently spotted. The park also contains a playground, picnic spaces, shelters, and nature camping and picnic facilities.

Learn More About Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg

Taking one of the tram trips while learning about the area's flora and animals from an expert is a fantastic way to see the park. A gift shop is also on-site, and the park conducts yearly wildlife activities such as the North American Butterfly Association's butterfly count.


Signature Recipes To Enjoy This Summer

August 20, 2021

The Westminster Dining Services team brings you six of their Signature Recipes to enjoy with family and friends this summer! The delicious recipes include Florida Beef Sliders with Avocado Salad & Pickles, Shrimp Roll, Tomato Sandwich, Sweet Potato Wedges, Elote Salad and Florida Mango Bread Pudding. You can download the entire recipe book by clicking on the cover image or each individual recipe below.

Open the recipe (PDF)

Our Signature Florida Beef Sliders with Avocado Salad & Pickles

Our Signature Shrimp Roll

Our Signature Tomato Sandwich

Our Signature Sweet Potato Wedges

Our Signature Elote Salad

Our Signature Florida Mango Bread Pudding


Saint Petersburg Assisted Living: Transitioning from Caregiver to Advocate

July 31, 2021

When you are transitioning a loved one into St. Petersburg assisted living, you may have to transition from your loved one's caregiver to your loved ones advocate. For many people, this can be a tough transition, as they are used to being hands-on in the day-to-day care that their loved one receives. Here are a few tips to help you transition your role in your loved one's life. 

Be Active in Finding Assisted Living Saint Petersburg Florida

When you are looking to transition from caregiver to advocate, one of the things that may help your transition is taking an active role in helping your loved one to find the ideal assisted living facility for them. When you actively help to find the facility, you have the ability to view the facility, talk to staff and discuss your loved one's needs. This can give you peace of mind that your loved one is being properly loved and cared for. 

Find Ways to Stay Informed About St. Petersburg Assisted Living

Another tip to help you when you are transitioning from caregiver to advocate is to find ways to stay informed and stay in the loop. Finding a St. Petersburg FL assisted living facility that allows you to see what your loved one is doing via online chart or notes, or having the ability to talk to staff after your loved one has an important doctor's appointment can be vital. Being able to keep track of what is going on with your loved one when you are not there daily allows you to stay informed and advocate for your loved one. 

Develop New Hobbies or Focus On Your Passions

Finally, as you transition your loved one from their own home or your home to an assisted living in St. Petersburg Florida situation, you will want to take the time to develop new hobbies or focus on your passions. Caring for your loved one likely took up a lot of your free time, and you may now find yourself with a lot of time on your hands. Finding something to keep yourself busy with can help prevent you from worrying so much about your loved one, while also allowing you to live your best life. 

Learn More About Assisted Living St. Petersburg

If you are looking for assisted living in St. Petersburg, Westminster Suncoast may be the perfect spot for your loved one. Visit our care facility today to learn more about our facility and how we can help to provide your loved ones with the level of care they may need. 


Saint Petersburg Assisted Living: 5 Virtual Games to Play On Your Next Video Call

July 31, 2021

Playing online games challenge many aspects of the aging brain. This is also an excellent method to have a good time while on video calls. Seniors who play games that require many players are less prone to develop depression. The social feature of these online games helps to alleviate social isolation.

Playing Mahjong at Assisted Living in Saint Petersburg Fl

Seniors who play online games like Mahjong improve their brain function and reduce loneliness. Players enhance their ability to plan, remember, and calculate. The ability to think has improved. Seniors' abilities to recall and locate objects improve as they go in the popular online game Mahjong.

Online Scrabble at Assisted Living St Petersburg Florida

Scrabble is a great game for seniors who enjoy a good word game. Older players must use their reasoning skills to place letters and words together. 

Seniors can compete against people from all across the world. Seniors are forced to conduct mental math to keep track of their results. On sites like Pogo, you may play Scrabble for free.

Virtual Chess at St Petersburg Assisted Living

Chess is another exciting online game that is well-known all over the world. The game can be short or long, easy or difficult, providing seniors with new challenges each time they play. Seniors keep sociable by competing with amateurs or playing with skilled chess champions.

Seniors strategize in chess games and indulge in crucial reasoning and calculation using each side of their brain. Long and short-term memory are both developed. Senior chess players have their brains stimulated in every way. Chess.com is a website where you can play chess online.

Online Jigsaw Puzzles for Assisted Living Saint Petersburg

Complicated jigsaw puzzles engage the brain and provide an enjoyable way for elders to pass the time. Jigsaw puzzles can be completed online by seniors. Seniors boost their cognitive function by putting together a jigsaw puzzle on their cellphones, tablets, or laptops. 

As a result, memory improvement occurs making it great for memory care St Petersburg Fl. As students put the puzzles together, seniors practice their visible intuition and distinction skills. It exercises each side of the brain.

Virtual Checkers at Assisted Living Facility St Petersburg Fl

You can play checkers, which is a traditional board game, on the internet as well. The game needs little strategic reasoning because the pieces are uniform. Checkers players, on the other hand, must plan and predict their opponent's next move. Seniors can choose from a variety of difficulty levels. 

Overall, these games should be enough to keep your loved ones happy and make them feel less isolated. Enjoy!


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